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Yamaha extends drum loan scheme

Ronnie Dungan
Yamaha extends drum loan scheme

Yamaha has extended its 'Try Before You Buy' loan scheme for its electronic drums to include the DTX700 line.

Originally encompassing the top of the range DTX900 series, the scheme has now been extended to include the mid-range DTX700s.The scheme is completely free of charge and without obligation. The aim is to allow customers the opportunity to use a DTX900 or DTX700 series set for up to seven days so that they can evaluate the instrument and suitability for their use and ambitions in their own environment, set up by trained staff from Yamaha’s dealer network.
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Yamaha's Gavin Thomas commented: "Yamaha is the first and only manufacturer of drums to offer its customers the opportunity to ‘Try Before You Buy’ and we are extremely delighted to be able to expand the scheme to include the new DTX700 and DTX750 kits alongside the DTX900 series.”The Yamaha DTX900K and DTX950K have proved popular with serious amateur players and top professional drummers alike, while the DTX700K and DTX750K are aimed at for semi-pro drummers and recording enthusiasts.  

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