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Which UK music festival is the best value for money?

Laura  Barnes
Which UK music festival is the best value for money?

While music festivals are a fantastic way to see some of your favourite bands, discover new ones, and share some amazing moments with friends, they can also be pretty damn pricey.

New research from GoCompare has figured out which festivals offer the most artists and days of music for the least costs.

Selected from the most popular festivals in the UK, a total of fifteen iconic events have been investigated to find the one with the overall lowest costs. So now you can find out of you’re really getting the best bang for your buck at your favourite festival.

Here are the top 5 festivals with the best value for money:
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While Glasto has the most expensive tickets on raw cost, at £243, there were 1643 artists across all the stages in 2016, making it cost just under 15p per performer – the cheapest option from the top fifteen festivals. Not to mention that this year, Ed Sheeran is one of the headliners – a ticket to his concert at the O2 costs £84.75, making 15p quite the bargain for his whole performance!

Bestival did pretty well on daily cost thanks to four days of music and partying. The ticket is much lower than Glastonbury’s at only £170, making the cost per day £42.50.

One Love Festival
Celebrating Bob Marley’s influence on music, the UK’s biggest reggae festival is also one of the best value festivals – and has the best daily cost at £36.67 for each of the three days, as well as the cheapest ticket overall at £110.

Festival No. 6
Taking place in the town of Portmeirion in Wales, Festival No. 6 can take a little time to get to – but it’s worth it for the range of music and for the reasonable cost per day and cost per artist: £48.75 and £0.69 respectively for its £195 ticket.

Latitude Festival
Run by the same company that runs the Reading and Leeds festivals and who previously worked on Glastonbury, Latitude has a vast array of musicians, but also features a number of other performers. It offers a cost of £0.60 per billing and £51.38 per day – with the total ticket costing £205.50.

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