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Westside adds Sigma Guitars

Ronnie Dungan
Westside adds Sigma Guitars

Westside Distribution has signed up Sigma Guitars, a US-owned, Far-East-made acoustic brand that was launched in 1970 in response to the Japanese copy market.

Germany company AMI has resurrected the name. “This is where the circle closes,” said the firm in a statement. “’Sigma Guitars Est. 1970’ has returned and we at AMI are proud to be part of this legend.”“It is a great honour that we were able to obtain for some parts of the world the rights of the time-honoured name ‘Sigma Guitars Est. 1970’ as well as the distinctive Sigma logo. Our business partner and guitar manufacturer is one of the most respected makers who has been building outstanding quality guitars for over 20 years.” 
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Sigma guitars were hand-built by specially-trained luthiers in the premium guitar factories in Japan then shipped to the US for inspection and despatched to the US and worldwide markets. The early Japanese Sigma guitar range was quite different to the instruments built in the following years after a move to Korea. The brand has built a loyal fan following over the years with Sigma communities, Sigma websites and even collectors specialising in Sigma guitars.

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