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WATCH: World's first underwater band performs with new aquatic instruments

Laura  Barnes
WATCH: World's first underwater band performs with new aquatic instruments

Between Music – a group that claims to be the world’s first underwater band – has performed a concert submerged in water after 10 years of experimentation.

Each musician in the band is seen singing and playing custom-made musical instruments inside glass tanks filled with water.

The result is positively haunting. To achieve their sound, the band uses a number of instruments that have been invented or adjusted for underwater use.

Singer and composer Laila Skovmand and her band called upon Andy Cavatorta to help create the instruments. Cavatorta, who has collaborated with Bjork, created two new instruments for the project: The rotacorda – inspired by a traditional hurdy-gurdy, and the crystallophone – a modified version of the glass harmonica.
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It was not an easy task as Cavatorta discovered that all instruments had to be dense and non-toxic. Along the way, he also discovered that combining two metals at opposite ends of the galvanic series can create an electric cell, which is pretty dangerous in water.

The performance also features a water organ called a hydraulophone and a drum kit made out of modified gongs and cymbals.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of this project is Skovmand’s technique for singing underwater, which involves keeping an air bubble in her mouth and singing through it while submerged.

Stick your headphones on and check out a clip from the concert below.

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