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WATCH: This is what a pipe organ made entirely out of paper sounds like

Laura  Barnes
WATCH: This is what a pipe organ made entirely out of paper sounds like

YouTuber Aliaksei Zholner has created numerous videos displaying impressive “working paper models’.

Previous videos include things like paper engines and even a paper rocket launcher. For Zholner’s latest project, the clever crafter has entered to wonderful world of musical instruments.

The latest video demonstrates a fully functioning mini pipe organ made completely out of paper and cardboard, except of one transparent plastic side to view internals.

Reminiscent in both its looks and its soft sounding notes of something Michel Gondry would dream up for a Bjork music video, the paper organ has an intricate design, which was so fiddly to construct that the YouTuber has already said that a template for the model is unlikely.
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“I'm not going to make a templates for this model, at least in the nearest future, because it is too hard to just print and assemble a working thing,” said Zholner is the video’s description.

Using cardboard and paper of various thickness can affect the final sound of each pipe of the mini organ, and with each pipe having to be tuned correctly, we can easily see how this labour of love would test your patience during construction.

But, it does make a lovely sound. See for yourself in the video below:

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