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WATCH: The Hateful Eight mistakenly destroy 145-year old Martin guitar

Daniel Gumble
WATCH: The Hateful Eight mistakenly destroy 145-year old Martin guitar

The Martin Guitar Museum was left fuming after a 145-year old instrument was destroyed by Kurt Russell during the making of Quentin Tarantino’s latest film The Hateful Eight, with the actor mistakenly believing it was a prop for the shoot.

The guitar smashed by Russell was a vintage 1870s model taken from the Martin Guitar Museum and not one of several copies prepared specifically for the film.

The scene in question shows Russell’s character, John Ruth, snatch the guitar from Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Daisy Domergue and smash it to pieces. It is thought that the original guitar was intended to be used until a specific point in the film before being swapped for one of the props.

“We were informed that it was an accident on set,” said Martin Guitar Museum director, Dick Boak . “We assumed that a scaffolding or something fell on it. We understand that things happen, but at the same time we can’t take this lightly. All this about the guitar being smashed being written into the script and that somebody just didn’t tell the actor, this is all new information to us. We didn’t know anything about the script or Kurt Russell not being told that it was a priceless, irreplaceable artifact from the Martin Museum.”
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While the guitar was insured for its purchase price, its value as a museum artefact was effectively priceless.

“We want to make sure that people know that the incident was very distressing to us,” Boak said. “We can’t believe that it happened. I don’t think anything can really remedy this. We’ve been remunerated for the insurance value, but it’s not about the money. It’s about the preservation of American musical history and heritage.”

Presumably there’s a recently unemployed set runner out there currently looking for work.

You can see the costly moment in the clip below. Martin guitar fans are advised to look away now.

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