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WATCH: Simple guitar string bending hack

Laura  Barnes
WATCH: Simple guitar string bending hack

String bending is an essential technique for most guitarists, allowing you raise the pitch of notes to produce interesting vocal-style melodies.

While there are several types of bends to master, the most important thing is making sure you achieve proper intonation of your bends.

It’s not easy to nail the desired pitch of a bend and it requires muscle memory and a good ear, but a new video by Paranormal Guitar Channel has revealed a handy little trick to help you along your journey to the perfect string bend.

The video demonstrates a guitarist using a guitar tuner to improve their string bending technique. This means that if your ability to hear the right pitch is a little off, you can repeat your bends with a tuner until the muscle memory sets in.
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It’s a very simple little trick, but one that could prove very handy for those working on making their guitar sing.

Check out Paranormal Guitar Channel’s guitar bending hack below:

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