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WATCH: Orange Amps reveals the 'erroneous' history of headphones

Laura  Barnes
WATCH: Orange Amps reveals the 'erroneous' history of headphones

Orange Amps is back with yet another retro spoof video. This time, the firm takes a look at the history of the humble headphones, and the “truth” might surprise you.

To celebrate Orange’s new ‘O’ Edition Headphones, the marketing team seems to have had way too much fun coming up with a spoof documentary about Orange’s own beginnings.

As the firm puts it: “Newly discovered footage confirms what conspiracy theorists have been claiming for decades: Orange Amps is a front, a sham, born solely from the desire to create the ultimate pair of headphones. Yes, headphones.

“The rare documentary, which appears to have been made with little to no budget, is entitled Erroneous History of Headphones. It features interviews with famed headphone historian Rosamund Silberson VII, as well as the late headphone enthusiast and counter-culturalist Marshall Slogg.
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“Erroneous History of Headphones takes the viewer on a trip through the origin of headphones, from their use by telephone operators in the early 20th century to the American Great Depression when Mr. John ‘Chicken Noodle’ Campbell realised their potential as soup cans.”

There are lots of musical nods, the odd dig at rivals, an awful lot of talk about soup, and even some mention of the actual headphones.

If you’re a fan of shows like Look Around You and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Orange Amps’ Erroneous History of Headphones will be right up your street.

Check it out in the video below:

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