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WATCH: Musicians make guitar out of fully functioning shotgun

Laura  Barnes
WATCH: Musicians make guitar out of fully functioning shotgun

Musician Rev. Peyton and pickup designer Brian Fleming have created the most American instrument you could ever imagine – the Shotgun Guitar.

It is exactly what it sounds like. I guitar that is also a fully functioning shotgun.

Peyton created a video of himself performing and shooting the three-stringed custom guitar.

Although most people won’t have access to this kind of equipment, it’s worth noting that it’s probably not very wise to build a guitar out of something that you could accidentally shoot your hands off with.
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Check out the video below, but please don’t try this at home folks!

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time MI Pro has reported on a custom musical instrument featuring guns.

Back in September, the head of the Russian Federation of Practical Shooting created a musical instrument that has to be struck by bullets to get a tune out of it.

The ‘Metallophon’ is made up of different sized metal sheets, all cut to deliver different tones when hit with a bullet.

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