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WATCH: Jägermeister and Bullet for My Valentine complete world-first gig on land, sea and air

Daniel Gumble
WATCH: Jägermeister and Bullet for My Valentine complete world-first gig on land, sea and air

Jägermeister has completed the world’s first ever gig to take place on land, sea and air as part of its on-going Ice Cold Gig series, in which the firm stages gigs in extreme and unlikely locations.

Having previously staged gigs atop an igloo and a floating iceberg, Jägermeister has now gone a few steps further by recruiting Bullet for My Valentine’s Matt Tuck to perform on land, sea and air, in what was far and away the most ambitious ice Cold Gig yet.

The gig began with Tuck and a handful of close friend, who served as an unsuspecting audience for the performance, ascending 15,000 ft above Lyngsfjord in northern Norway and 192 miles north of the Arctic Circle in a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter. Each paired with a specially trained instructor, the group descended into freefall, before Tuck was handed a guitar at 7,000 ft, with which he launched into the first song of the gig – a rendition of the band’s ‘The Last Flight’. The performance was recorded on Zaxcom receivers for his freefalling audience, who were listening on Sennheiser G3 headphones.

Upon landing on a Buster Magnum speed boat, the gig continued with Tuck performing Bullet for My Valentine’s ‘Venom’ – no mean feat, given that he was playing guitar and singing in temperatures of -20 factoring in wind chill.
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With air and sea covered, the gig climaxed on land, as Tuck and his audience were led by Siberian huskies toward the Gukkesgaissa Mountains as he brought the performance to a close with a version of ‘Bittersweet Memories’.

After the gig, Tuck said: “I’ve played some incredible gigs around the world, but that was right up there, literally. Jäger’s Ice Cold Gig was one of the very best and definitely the most extreme. It’s my first skydiving experience, so dealing with the excitement and nerves – even before you add in the ruthless cold – was intense, but totally worth it.

“It’s awesome to say you did a world-first in music, but to do it with my best mates, the guys who were there with me from the beginning, made it unforgettable. Now, for a drink!”  

Tom Carson, Jägermeister UK music manager, added: “We go bigger every year and because of the nature of this world first, spanning air, sea and land, in extreme conditions, this gig was not only a test of friendship but one of supporting each other too. I think they had a great laugh. The Ice Cold Gigs have become such a prominent feature for our JägerMusic programme and this year we really wanted to celebrate musicians giving back to the people who supported them from the very start; typically their best friends.”

Tom McShane, operations director of Secret Compass, the company tasked with conceptualising and planning the gig, concluded: “From having to film from helicopters, skydiving, speedboats to huskies, this project was mammoth in the extreme. From looking after all the filming and audio kit in freezing temperatures, to co-ordinating the permissions to run a really complex project, and getting the logistics in place has been challenging to say the least, but like Jägermeister, we revel in breaking boundaries.”

Jägermeister UK, Secret Compass and Matt Tuck will be releasing a full length ‘making of’ Ice Cold Gig documentary in April 2016.

In the meantime, here’s a preview of what you can expect.

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