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WATCH: Adam Hall Group supports upcoming musicians with LD Systems Wireless U Sessions

Laura  Barnes
WATCH: Adam Hall Group supports upcoming musicians with LD Systems Wireless U Sessions

Adam Hall Group recently invited three musical newcomers down to its LD Systems Wireless U Sessions to produce modern music videos to help the artists showcase their talents.

You may not have heard of Kiddo Kat, Tarq Bowen or The Munitors yet, but with the help of Adam Hall Group, 2017 may be the year the upcoming musicians make their mark on the charts.

During November’s LD Systems Wireless U Sessions, the three acts were provided with professional stage equipment, a sound engineer and an entire video team, as well as a suitable studio location free of charge.

In the cool live atmosphere of Wackerloft in Darmstadt (Rhine-Main area), the musicians performed original songs.
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The videos have racked up views on YouTube and social media, with a Facebook post already received around 150,000 views and 200 shares so far.

The new U500 True Diversity wireless systems from LD Systems, featuring handheld and pocket transmitters, were used during the LD Systems Wireless U Sessions.

Their wide range of frequency bands allows them to be used worldwide and in U508 model in particular can be used in Germany in three licence-free UHF frequency bands. In addition to their excellent technical features, the new wireless systems are particularly impressive due to their outstanding audio properties. Four interchangeable U500 heads with cardioid or particularly feedback-resistant hyper cardioid characteristics ensure maximum flexibility for the handheld transmitter.

Baptiste Languille, creative director, Adam Hall Group, commented: “On the one hand, our objective with the U500 sessions was to provide talented musicians/newcomers with a stage and an opportunity to raise their profiles, because we were impressed with their music.

“On the other hand, a series of sessions like this also provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the outstanding sound and reliability of our U500 series. The artists and the video team from Tag und Nacht Media worked fantastically well together; the Adam Hall team showed great dedication. Well done everyone! This is an example of excellent team work.”

All of the voices and instruments that you can hear in the videos were recorded live using exclusively LD Systems U500 wireless systems. During the subsequent editing there was virtually no post processing: Just a touch of reverb to add depth and very slight compression to tighten up the sound.

Check out the three artist videos below:

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