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Vinnie Colaiuta joins Paiste roster

Vinnie Colaiuta joins Paiste roster

Los Angeles-based drummer Vinnie Colaiuta has begun endorsing Paiste cymbals.

Colaiuta started playing Paiste on a recent tour with Sting, with a set consisting mostly of Formula 602 models and he intends to use mainly Signature Traditionals models on an upcoming tour with Herbie Hancock.He has worked with a long list of big name artists, including Jeff Beck, The Beach Boys, Leonard Cohen and Megadeth, but he is perhaps best known for his time alongside Frank Zappa. Colaiuta played on the albums Tinsel Town Rebellion, Joe's Garage and Shut Up n Play Yer Guitar.
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"When I heard the vast array of Paiste cymbals right in front of me, on a lot of cymbal stands, I realised that they all sounded great, and that none of them were special selected. You could walk to the shelf blindfolded and grab another and be satisfied," said Colaiuta. "This is quite important for me. I wouldn't want to have something happen to one of my cymbals thinking that I couldn't get another one. I can. If I need cymbals somewhere and I can't bring my own, I know exactly what to get, and I know what they will sound like. For someone like me who is all over the map, this is important."Company CEO Erik Paiste added: “We are deeply honoured to welcome Vinnie to our artist family. Vinnie is one of the most important drummers of our time. We are pleased that he chose us for his cymbals, and for all the right reasons. That in itself is a humbling validation for our basic mission, to create sound of the highest possible fidelity and reliability to satisfy the world’s most brilliant and uncompromising musicians."We very much look forward to working with Vinnie; the creative challenges and future possibilities of collaborating with him will be highly invigorating.”Korg UK is the distributor for Paiste in the UK.

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