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US: NAMM reshuffles board

Ronnie Dungan
US: NAMM reshuffles board

A number of new faces joined the NAMM board at its AGM, while others departed from the retail body.

Joining the board were Gayle Beacock, Beacock Music; Ron Manus, Alfred Publishing; John D’Addario III, D’Addario; Jim DeStafney, Blues Angel Music; Jessica Freehling-Kazzie, Art’s Music Shop; Rob Joseph, MusicMax; Ben Kraft, Kraft Music and Andy Zildjian, Sabian.

Outgoing board members included Carol Calato, vice president of J.D Calato; Michael Canning, president of Cadon Technical Sales; Peter Hix, co-owner of Hix Brothers Music; Steve Judge, owner and president of Griggs Music; Dana Messina, director of Steinway Musical Instruments; Mark Ragin, CEO of US Band & Orchestra Supplies; Chuck Surack, president and founder of Sweetwater Sound and Gordon Wilcher, founder and senior partner of Owensboro Music Centre.

In welcoming the new members, Chairman Kevin Cranley said: “Almost two years ago, the Board sat down and totally rewrote NAMM’s Vision, Mission and Objectives. In doing so, they brought their personal tenets and their professional experience to the table and applied it to NAMM, further defining and enriching our association for generations of Members to come,” he said. “I have complete confidence in the ability of our newest members to further elevate our Board, and by extension our organisation, and to provide our Members with every opportunity for success in the coming years."

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