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Trust Network gets rebranded

Trust Network gets rebranded

Trust Network, founded by Brendan Murray has launched its new website.

The site now clearly demonstrates the service Trust Network offers across four broad categories of client. The first of these is new to market businesses and the work Murray has been doing with Graham Lyons and the Clarinéo is a prime example of this.

Expanding market clients form the next category, and it has helped establish the AER acoustic amplifier brand with several distributors around the world. Murray's company also works with Global export brands and has aided Hardcase in finding a worldwide distributor network.

Trust Network also deals with market leaders by ensuring they’re getting the most out of their markets and the company recently assisted Levy’s Leathers, a Canadian business, in further penetrating the US market. These four categories are clearly labeled on the website’s menu bar and various examples of the consultant’s numerous clients are also provided.
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The new site has been designed to be very easy to use and also includes up-to-date news of what’s going on within the firm.

"I think we needed to let the industry at large understand a bit better that, whether large, medium or small, our skills have delivered a service for all of these company profiles," explained Brendan Murray. "Everyone - from new start-ups to mature brand leaders - can benefit from the work we do of bringing together the right people and methods best suited to distribute a product.

We’ve sustained a success rate of over 93 per cent during our 19 years. Coupled with the knowledge and experience we've accumulated of the international MI and pro audio markets, our message is very much that the Trust Network is a proven, precision tool for any manufacturer or brand owner wanting a reliable way to enter new international markets or review their distribution in markets they are already in."

To visit the new website, click here.

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