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Top 10 stories of the week: Most-played Nirvana tracks, McCartney and The Who Sure mics, 'clicks and mortar' retail

Laura  Barnes
Top 10 stories of the week: Most-played Nirvana tracks, McCartney and The Who Sure mics, 'clicks and mortar' retail

The biggest story on MI Pro this week was PPL’s run down of the most-played Nirvana tracks in the UK to celebrate what would have been Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday.

Also big this week is the news that there will be a limited run of special Paul McCartney and The Who Shure SM58 microphones. Each artist will have only 300 of their graphic painted mics made, all of which will be auctioned off for charity.

Check out all of the biggest stories this week below:

1. PPL celebrates Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday with most-played Nirvana chart
Today, the most iconic man in grunge, Kurt Cobain, would have turned 50 years old. To celebrate, music licensing organisation PPL has uncovered the 20 most-played Nirvana tracks on UK radio and TV.
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2. Paul McCartney and The Who to auction off limited edition Shure SM58 microphones
The Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone has been used faithfully by the world’s most influential musicians since 1966.

3. Bricks and mortar stores need to become 'clicks and mortar' if they want to survive
The amount spent online in January 2017 accounted for 14.6% of all retail spending, revealed the latest report from the Office of National Statistics.

4. Over £72,000 worth of saxophones stolen from's Sussex store
Over the weekend, one sopranino saxophone and 29 soprano saxophones were stolen from’s retail store in Crowborough, Sussex.

5. How ROLI's Seaboard Grand became the musical instrument star of La La Land
To say La La Land has taken the globe by storm would be an understatement. Not only has it proved that musicals are still big business, but it has brought the world of jazz to a brand new audience.

6. Amazon Go could mark the start of a major disruption for physical retail stores
Is the MI retail industry ready for another disruption? MapsPeople’s Jonas Bersten looks at how the future of retail could be about to change thanks to Amazon’s new Go stores...

7. VOX founders Tom Jennings and Dick Denney honoured with blue plaque
A blue plaque has been unveiled at the site of the premises where the first VOX amplifiers were produced.

8. Anatomy of an Instrument: The Cajon
You may have noticed more bands these day sitting their drummer on a slap-able box while doing an acoustic performance, but you may not know the origins of this interesting and versatile instrument.

9. Maroon 5's James Valentine joins Martin Guitar to raise awareness of forest sustainability
Martin Guitar has launched the second phase of its activation for the Rainforest Alliance #FollowTheFrog campaign to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable wood sourcing.

10. Crowdfunding Corner: Feral Glitch Pedal, Breeze Tri-Stand, KLOS acoustic-electric, JumpDrum, String Stash
MI Pro checks out the latest musical instrument projects looking for backers, or recently funded, on popular crowdsourcing sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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