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Top 10 stories of the week: Kye Smith interview, Worldpay app for retailers, EBacc's 'devastating' effect on music lessons

Laura  Barnes
Top 10 stories of the week: Kye Smith interview, Worldpay app for retailers, EBacc's 'devastating' effect on music lessons

This biggest story on MI Pro this week was our interview with drummer and YouTube star Kye Smith.

We chatted to Smith about making his new album Punks on Speed, what gear he is using, and how young bands and musicians are using viral videos to get noticed.

Have a look at all the biggest stories below:

1. INTERVIEW: Drummer Kye Smith on making Punks on Speed and becoming a viral video sensation
Type ‘Kye Smith’ into YouTube’s search bar and you’ll soon understand why the drumming world is very excited about this Australian musician.
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2. Here's why Worldpay is big news for UK retailers
Payment technology provider Worldpay has launched a pilot scheme in the UK for its new app that enables merchants to take payments from customers via their mobile phone.

3. EBacc is having a 'devastating' effect on the uptake of music in schools
New reports have revealed that EBacc subjects are at an all-time high as fewer pupils are taking creative subjects.

4. Are holographic teachers the future of music education?
It wasn’t too long ago that our vision of what the near future would look like consisted of robots and machines helping humans go about their daily lives, serving them at restaurants, and even providing companionship.

5. Retailers urged to step up fraud detection and prevention
New research has outlined how big of a problem fraudulent CNP (Card-Not-Present) transactions will be over the next five years.

6. Roland introduces FA music workstation series and SE-02 analog synthesizer
Continuing its array of new product announcements across May and June, Roland has introduced two more pieces of gear.

7. Black Widow MGP-1A: First modelling guitar preamp with all-tube, all-analog signal path
Black Widow Audio Designs’ debut product, the MGP-1A modelling guitar preamplifier, will launch internationally in July.

8. KRK introduces V-Series 4 White Noise studio monitors
KRK Systems has introduced its new V-Series 4 White Noise nearfield studio monitors, which are specifically designed for audio production applications where accurate reproduction is critical.

9. This is the most popular type of acoustic guitar
Furch Guitars has released the results of its report on what was the most preferred type of acoustic guitar last year.

10. Red Dog Music to open new London showroom
Retailer Red Dog Music is moving into a brand new custom-built showroom in London on July 1st.

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