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This interactive map shows the top musicians from every inch of the UK

Laura  Barnes
This interactive map shows the top musicians from every inch of the UK

A new interactive UK map has been created to show the massive involvement the country has had in the world music scene.

Put together by, the map shows the names of the top musicians from every inch of the country to put into perspective the colossal £4.1 billion contribution of the music industry to the British economy.

“The UK music industry is one of the biggest in the world,” said Joe Gardiner,’s head of brand and communications. “It’s a rich history, but people often think that musicians just congregate in London. Music is universal – singers and bands come from all over.”

The map shows music from everywhere in the country, with 245 artists mapped out across the UK. You can take a look at how many number 1s they’ve had, listen to a clip from their biggest hit, and find out how much money it’s made them.
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The map coincides with this month’s celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of the UK’s first national pop radio station – BBC Radio 1.

From the launch of the station in 1967, Radio 1 has been a champion for British artists and driven the careers of a number of the UK’s most popular musical exports.

“Hey Jude to Wonderwall, Supermassive Black Hole to Invaders Must Die – the UK music scene has provided an immeasurable number of catchy tunes and plenty of worldwide number ones,” said TotallyMoney.

“Musicians come from every corner and isle of Britain – from Two Door Cinema Club in the north of Northern Ireland down to Mick Jagger down in the south east of England. Our map charts the UK’s biggest musical successes spanning over 200 artists and bands, and nearly 60 years of classic British music.”

Check out the Big British Music Map for yourself by clicking on the image below:

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