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The North American Guitar launches crowdfunding campaign to help fund growth in 2017

Laura  Barnes
The North American Guitar launches crowdfunding campaign to help fund growth in 2017

London-based boutique guitar shop The North American Guitar has launched its first round of crowdfunding via CrowdCube.

After celebrating a record year in 2016, the firm is hoping the campaign will help fund expansion plans and growth for 2017.

Led by singer songwriter and BBC Radio 2 artist Ben Montague, award winning guitarist Michael Watts and international logistics specialist Robert J Montague CBE, The North American Guitar Company has increased turnover fifteen fold in the last three years and is predicting exponential growth on the back of current trends with a plan to increase 2017 turnover to over £1m.

“Luthiers are artists and our role is to showcase their talent much as a specialist art dealer would,” said Montague. “They work best with a well organised dealer to take the administration pressure off their plate leaving them the time to create these stunning instruments. It’s a very personal and artistic business.
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“In recent years we have demonstrated to these craftsmen that we are dedicated curators of their output and can find discriminating buyers who love their instruments. Outside the USA is it is virtually impossible to acquire such high-end guitars other than through TNAG.

“This funding will allow us to add names to our selective roster of builders and bring more of the world’s finest guitars to the UK. It is a very exciting time for everyone involved.”

Watts explained: “We use a two-channel approach focusing on our beautiful, state of the art showroom but also reaching out directly from there by email, social media, customised video and real-time chat to potential customers. In the showroom, aficionados can come and sample, play and enjoy these guitars, talk to experts and soak in the handmade guitar culture.

“Buyers from outside London can access that atmosphere and tap into that level of knowledge online. The plan is to upgrade the London showroom and consolidate our position as one of the world’s leading retail guitar hubs bringing the highest levels of client service both off and online.”

Check out The North American Guitar’s crowdfunding video below and visit for more information and to support the brand.

The North American Guitar - We are Crowdfunding! from The North American Guitar on Vimeo.

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