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The best of Musikmesse 2017: Pictures, videos, new gear and award winners

Laura  Barnes
The best of Musikmesse 2017: Pictures, videos, new gear and award winners

Musikmesse was back last week for another huge show in Frankfurt, bringing the latest MI gear to the trade and consumers.

We travelled along to this year’s show to check out the latest products the industry has to offer, what brand-new innovations we’re likely to see emerge in the MI sector in the near future, which pioneering products were being honoured at MIPA 2017, and to taste Frankfurt’s famous ‘green sauce’.

The green sauce was a hit, as were the products we've picked out to highlight.

Check them all out below, along with a few video demos from the show floor:
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Kawai Crystal Grand

Kawai’s Crystal Grand was somewhat of a showstopper in Musikmesse’s piano section. The striking instrument brings together Kawai’s well-known high-quality sound with an eye-catching transparent design. Although not a brand-new product launch, the piano had gaggles of giddy players queuing up to tickle its ivories.

Elixir Optiweb Strings

Elixir Strings has a stand at Musikmesse that was hard to miss. As well as it’s 12 test stations and interactive sound comparison tools, the stand was alive with demonstrations of its new Optiweb strings, which feature a new lightweight coating that the firm promises sounds indistinguishable from uncoated strings. See what you think in the video below:


Sonor Steve Smith 40th Anniversary Snare

Sonor celebrated its "lifetime relationship" with Steve Smith by introducing a signature snare drum. Just 77 Steve Smith 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Snare Drums will be issued. Each limited edition drum will come with a semi gloss Mountain Burl veneer on the inside and outside of the shell, 24-strand Steel Sound Wires, and Vic Firth Anniversary Steve Smith Drumsticks and Certificate Box.

Nord Stage 3

Nord unveiled its fifth generation of its Stage series keyboard at Musikmesse. The Nord Stage 3 has three sound generating sections; Piano, Organ and Synthesizer, all of which can be used simultaneously. There are also 2 separate slots allowing you to have 2 Pianos, 2 Organs and 2 Synths plus effects at the same time – offering massive sonic flexibility.

Samsystems Integral

The great thing about Samsystems’ product is it is so simple. It’s one of those products that makes you wonder why someone hasn’t come up with this already. The firm’s Integral close cab miking product can be placed inside a cabinet to properly mic it up without having to worry about overspill problems or wasting time finding the sweet spot. It can then be plugged straight into a mixing desk and the job is done.

3Dvarius 5

3Dvarius wowed visitors with the versatility of its new 5-string 3D-printed electric violin. The added C string – which is commonly found on violas – intends to increase the violin’s musical possibilities, helping the player to express their creativity in all music styles. You can hear just how versatile it can be in the video below:

Korg Kronos LS

Korg unveiled a few new products at Musikmesse, including the Kronos LS Music Workstation. The mechanism of the keyboard itself has been redesigned so that the velocity is easier to control than on existing light-touch keyboards, even when playing complex chords or difficult phrases. You can watch a demo if the the full-sized Kronos below:

Pons Guitars

Pons Guitars introduced what it claims to be the world’s first guitar with an interchangeable body. There are two cores to choose from, which comprise of a single piece with a neck, bridge and electronics. And there are six different bodies that come in a range of styles inspired by the Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster, Flying V, SG and Les Paul.

Yamaha SX Grand Piano

Yamaha has given its iconic S series a technological boost with it’s latest offering – the SX grand. Unveiled at Musikmesse, the new piano takes the 1980s iconic S series, fits it with Yamaha’s proprietary Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E) treatment, has a redesigned cabinet, and features a newly designed hammer structure and a soundboard scale identical to the acclaimed flagship CFX concert grand piano.


The first day of this year’s Musikmesse was also host to the annual Musikmesse International Press Awards (MIPA).

Here’s who won what on the night:

Best Innovative Product (musical instruments) – ROLI BLOCKS
Acoustic Bass – Taylor GS Mini Bass
Acoustic Drums – DW 45th Anniversary Drumset
Acoustic Guitar – Taylor Academy Series
Acoustic Guitar Amp – Boss Acoustic Singer ACVS Pro
Arranger Workstation – Korg Pa4X
Audio Processor (hardware) – iZotope Neutron
Bass Amplifier – Darkglass Microtubes 900
Cymbals – Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbals
Digital Audio Workstation Controller – Presonus FaderPort 8
DJ Controller – Roland DJ-808
DJ/Producing Tool – Native Instruments Traktor Pro
Drum Accessories – Remo Classic Fit Drumheads
Electronic Drums – Roland V-Drums TD-50
Electric Bass – Fender American Professional Precision & Jazz Bass
Electric Guitar – Fender American Professional Series
Field Recorder – Zoon F8 MutliTrack Field Recorder
Guitar Accessories – Elixir Optiweb
Guitar Amplifier – Mesa/Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Signature Model
Guitar Effects – (currently awaiting confirmation)
Mixing Desk – PreSonus StudioLive Series III
Mobile Music App – Steinberg Cubasis 2
Percussion Instrument – Meinl Cajon Drumset
Recording Software – Steinberg Cubase Pro 9
Software Instruments – Native Instruments Komplete 11
Stage Keyboards – Clavia Nord Piano 3
Synthesizer (hardware) – Arturia MatrixBrute


There was a lot to hear and see at this year’s show across its Drum Camp, Guitar Camp, Business Academy, Keys & Recording, and Acoustic, Percussion & Sheet Music halls.

Check out some of our favourite shots and click here or on any photo below to go through to our Musikmesse 2017 Facebook Gallery and see all the pictures we took. Don’t forget to tag yourself/your company if you spot any snaps you’re in!









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