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Tanglewood Guitars hits the US

Laura  Barnes
Tanglewood Guitars hits the US

Tanglewood Guitars has announced that the first dealerships in North America are starting to receive stock deliveries this week through Korg USA.

A notable example of the new stock taking to the shelves of US stores is in the southern state of Kentucky. Unga Bunga Music has created a killer display wall (pictured) showcasing the best-selling acoustic guitars.

“Korg USA have now powered into a nationwide dealership campaign and the sales force are signing up retail partners from San Diego to Boston on an hourly basis, building a network of US Tanglewood retailers that is forecasted to match the European coverage the brand enjoys,” said Tanglewood.

“Behind the scenes reports show that Tanglewood's new Winterleaf series is creating massive attention and gaining a lot of traction with the value driven Crossroads range opening doors to the brand from only $139 USD, and as hoped and expected, being very well received in every city and state.”
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