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Sutherland and Eleuke split by mutual agreement

Sutherland and Eleuke split by mutual agreement

Sutherland Trading has dropped the Eleuke brand, made by Stringnet (the manufacturer of Eleuke), following the diversification of the electric ukulele brand.

Eleuke, known primarily as a brand of solid-body electric ukuleles, recently began producing acoustic ukes, which left Sutherland feeling that this conflicted with its existing distribution agreements with Kala and Lanikai.

Stringnet and Sutherland have agreed not to hold each other to the existing distribution agreement. Sutherland’s stockholding of the Eleuke brand is minimal and it has ceased to order new stock. Stringnet is now free to find another UK distributor for its Eleuke product.

“Our relationship with Philip Kwak of Stringnet has been excellent and we wish him all success in finding a new trading partner," said Alan Townsend, Sutherland's ukulele product manager. "Any distributor interested in discussing this with Philip should contact him directly."
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Kwak's email address can be found by clicking here.

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