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SURVEY: Sexism in the music industry - have your say

Laura  Barnes
SURVEY: Sexism in the music industry - have your say

MI Pro is calling on musicians to discuss whether they have experienced or seen sexism in the music and MI industry – and what we can all do to help combat it.

Last week’s International Women’s Day highlighted a string of reports about sexism within numerous parts of the entertainment industry, showing that there’s still a long way to go in terms of equality and diversity.

Earlier this month, a new report from PRS Foundation found that nearly 80% of its female members have experienced sexism.

While sexism is largely directed towards women, it turns out that male musicians can also face backlash for selecting to play a certain instrument. An eye-opening report from the Royal Albert Hall found extreme gender bias towards certain instruments.
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The concert hall spoke to 2,000 adults to ask them what instruments are most associated with men and women, with a mere 2% believing they would ever see a man playing the harp.

Here at MI Pro we thought it was about time we heard from a broad spectrum of musicians about if they’ve ever actually experienced sexism, and what they think the industry should do about it.

So regardless of your gender, whether you’re in a grunge band or part of an orchestra, on a world tour or playing in your local pub, we want to hear your thoughts!

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