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Summerfield takes on wireless pedal tuner

Ronnie Dungan
Summerfield takes on wireless pedal tuner

Summerfield is taking the first deliveries of OnBoard Research's Intellitouch Freedom One this summer.

The firms expects to take its first deliveries in July. The Intellitouch Freedom One provides a digital wireless link between a guitar and a pedal tuner, eliminating the cable normally attached to a guitar. It has two components - a compact wireless transmitter that plugs directly into a standard 1/4 inch output jack on a guitar or bass, and a pedal tuner with a 1/4 inch output that connects to an amplifier or other effects pedals.

“Our customers asked for an affordable digital wireless system, and we have now produced a very innovative solution”, said Art Harvey, director of marketing and sales for OnBoard Research. “The Freedom One is the first product in our new Intellitouch Digital Wireless Series. It's a great entry-level wireless product and we are proud to be the innovator of this new technology.”
The Freedom One's pedal has a built-in tuner with a large backlit display that changes from red to green when in tune. The tuner is automatic, chromatic, and displays the measured musical note on a large LCD screen for fast, easy tuning. The pedal also has a backlit footswitch that is easy to find on a dark stage. The footswitch turns on the tuner display and optionally mutes the output while tuning.
It has also has a feature to save batteries - a backup input jack for an audio cable, so that the pedal tuner can still be used without the wireless transmitter. If a user wishes to consume no batteries while practicing, they simply plug the pedal into a standard 9v effect pedal power supply and connect an audio cable from their guitar to the extra input jack on the pedal. T
It is expected to retail around £85 in the UK. 
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