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Summerfield appoints new sales manager

Summerfield appoints new sales manager

Summerfield Musical lnstruments has announced the appointment of Sean Murtagh as its senior sales manager.

Murtagh joins the company with over 30 years' experience in the sales industry and will be responsible for bringing new innovative products to the market, implementing the company's growth plans and sustaining Summerfield's service to over 1,200 UK dealers.

The Summerfield company (founded in 1900) first distributed musical lnstruments in 1964 and now supplies a wide range of musical instrument accessories including D'Addario fretted and bowed strings, CF Martin strings and guitar accessories, Planet Waves, Evans, HO, Reunion Blues, Kacer. PureSound and lntellitouch.

Murtagh takes over from Simon Turnbull who has left Summerfield after 15 years to head D'Addario USA's new UK marketing and distribution division based in Gateshead on Tyne. The new D'Addario operation will open as of January 2nd 2010 and will work alongside Summerfield, and other long-standing D'Addario UK distributors, to service dealers throughout the UK.
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As a keen guitar player Murtagh is an established user of both D'Addario and Martin strings and believes his wide musical knowledge will help him in his new role. "l am very glad to have joined Summerfield as I have used the company's products for many years," he said. "One of my first tasks will be to re-introduce the excellent CSL guitar and accessory line and l am very keen to position this product in the industry in the next year. I feel my industry knowledge and sales experience will be extremely beneficial in my role and I look forward to getting out and meeting current and potential suppliers and customers."

Summerfield has just launched a new range of CSL Summerfield classical guitars and two CSL digital instrument tuners. lts new CSL Gypsy guitar line (Maccaferri guitar replicas) will be ava!lable early in 2010.

Murtagh can be contacted on the Summerfield number (0191 414 9000) or by email here.

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