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Stones Music gives away free ukuleles

Jory Mackay
Stones Music

Stones Music is getting into the spirit of Christmas by giving away free ukuleles in a simple Facebook competition along the lines of the TV favourite "Name That Tune!"

Last week, the retailer put up a clip of Mark Pugh, owner of Stones Music, playing Abba's Money Money Money, which was viewed by hundreds of Facebook followers with one of them winning the instrument used in the clip.  A second clip was put online 20th November with another ukulele up for grabs.

Pugh was encouraged by the interest shown, commenting: “Being a small business, it can sometimes be difficult to make people aware of what you’re doing. I’ve had a good response to many of my other Facebook postings but this surprised me, with hundreds more people viewing it than any of my other postings. The instrument is a Wolfelele, which I’d been selling as a build-your-own ukulele kit.  At the many in-store events I’ve taken part in, where I’ve built an instrument as a demonstration, I end up with a finished instrument, and these have been building up in number in my warehouse. The idea of the Wolfelele is for people to build them themselves, so the finished article is not what I sell. I thought it would be a nice idea to raise awareness of my business, clear some space and make someone happy all at the same time”

The Wolfelele was one of a number of ukulele-related products in the Stones Music portfolio, which includes Uluru and RISA ukuleles and Jumping Cow ukulele accessories (felt and leather picks, straps and more products being rolled out on the new year).
You can check out the video yourself here.
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