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Stentor takes on Linnd Laxo violin rest

Stentor takes on Linnd Laxo violin rest

Stentor Music has been handed distribution of the Linnd Laxo violin shoulder rest via its worldwide distribution partner network.

The product, which prevents 'splaying,' resulting in volume and tonal improvements, has now been made available to MI retailers in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the USA and, of course, the UK.

Designed and manufactured by Shetlands Isles-based company Pure Acoustic, the Linnd Laxo offers high levels of playing stability and tonal expression thanks to its exclusive design-registered form factor and patented solid crossbar, which tackle the drawbacks of splaying and tonal dampening associated with conventional shoulder rests. Non-slip feet attach outside of the purfling line, placing no load or dampening at all on the back of the violin, allowing it to vibrate freely.

It is also extremely light on the shoulder, weighing just 57 grams (two ounces) and retails at £24.99.

“Stentor is extremely proud to be associated with such an innovative product and especially as it comes from a new British manufacturing company," said Michael Doughty, managing director of Stentor Music. "The Linnd shoulder rest, through its unique design approach, provides a superior new solution to the challenge of securing a shoulder rest to a violin without acoustically dampening the tone and volume of the instrument. Just as importantly, its does so affordably. We predict terrific demand for this product.”

Robert Thomas, director of sales and marketing at Pure Acoustic, added: “The improvement in tone and volume when using a Linnd Laxo rest is dramatic; both with very expensive and more modestly priced violins. This and the fact that players can fit the shoulder rest and play without worrying about it splaying and coming loose, is what we strived to achieve with this radical redesign of the shoulder rest.
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"Our relationship with Stentor provides both the necessary scale of distribution for this terrific product, and the level of exposure to retailers and musicians throughout the world that will ensure its commercial success.” 

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