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SOUNDALIKES: Si 'Tiger' Atkinson - The Black Spiders

Ronnie Dungan
SOUNDALIKES: Si 'Tiger' Atkinson - The Black Spiders

The kit I’ve been touring with is a bit of a hybrid. I bought the green maple 14" rack tom first. It was at a great price and sounded amazing. Then I got a bit of a deal from Tama – who were interested in working with me – so they sent me my beloved kick drum, which is a Bubinga 26" x 18".

I then added a maple 18" black floor tom to the mix. The kit has a very expressive sound and a vast tonal range.
I had wanted to play Tama since the first time I saw Lars Ulrich with Metallica, as he was the reason I started playing. I am very fortunate now to have a full endorsement with Tama so they have made me a Bubinga kit comprising of 13", 16" & 18" toms and a 26"x16" kick.

The reason for the smaller rack tom is so I can get a bit more separation from the floor toms. With the kick, I wanted a quicker response so I opted for the 16" depth and I have kept with the same colours as my 'hybrid' kit, but added a bit of blue in the form of the 16" floor tom.

My snare drum of choice is a Kenny Aronoff Trackmaster,  which has a lot of attack to it, while being warm with a wide tuning range.  The sticks I use are Pro-Mark Hickory 747 nylon tips and they have always felt like the right choice for me and I have tried a lot of sticks.

The latest addition to my drum set-up is a Porter & Davies BC2, which gives me the thump of the kick drum without needing it in my monitor. It also has switchable voltage, so it is useable worldwide.

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