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Sound Post offers new lines and deals for November

Sound Post offers new lines and deals for November

The Sound Post, the specialist orchestral strings suppler for the UK has announced a range of new products and discounts for the month of November, including the re-introduction of Liebenzeller rosin.

This rosin was developed in the 1920s and was made in a factory in the Black Forest region until it disappeared from the market after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The rosin is hand-made from larch rosin, 'rhythmically bubbled and blended with specialist metals, including iron from meteorites', we are assured. The rosin is now back in the UK through The Sound Post Ltd.

Continuing on the accessories theme, The Sound Post is now also carrying spare feet for the Everest shoulder rest range, as well as a nifty clip-on carrying pouch in black with drawstring fitting. The company is also flagging up its Velvet range of Swiss-made double bass strings. Garbo, Anima, Compas 360 and Compas 180 are wound around a core of natural fibres and 'produce a sound (and feel to the player) which cannot be distinguished from pure gut strings.’ During November, the supplier is offering 15 per cent off all Velvet lines.

Larsen Strings is well established as a quality manufacturer of full-sized cello strings and is now addressing the needs of the younger and more petite player with new sets of fractional cello strings (three-quarters, half, quarter and one eighth-size), which are claimed to replicate the properties of full-size strings. Thes estrings are available at a suggested retail price of £115.
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Last, but by no means least, the Concertante range of orchestral strings are on special offer during November, with the Concertante Antiqued violin outfit enjoying over £200 off the recommended retail price, the viola outfit with exactly £200 off its £850 retail price and the cello available for just £1,350 – which is £550 off.

These offers expire on November 30th and cannot be combined with any other offers.

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