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Sound Control administration update

Sound Control administration update
It has emerged that 10 Sound Control stores, including those in Manchester City and Glasgow West, have been closed with immediate effect. Manchester Salford and Glasgow City have remained open

These are among 14 stores that will be kept open for 90 days in the hope of turning the business around to get the best price from bidders.

The following Sound Control stores, along with Turnkey will remain open for business:

Glasgow City
Manchester Salford
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The following stores have closed:

Glasgow West
Leeds East
Manchester City
Milton Keynes

There is still no further information available from administrator, Deloitte, however a spokesperson from the company commented: “The teams are still all out on site. It’s a waiting game while we try to sort out things, such as staff.”

It would appear that access to retrieve stock is not being given. It will doubtless be the big manufacturers and suppliers who are hardest hit.

The MIA, meanwhile, has offered to assist any Sound Control staff affected by the situation to find new jobs. The body’s chief executive Paul McManus told MI Pro he would be happy for those made redundant to send their CVs direct to He will then group them into geographical regions and attempt to match them up with any firms looking for staff in those areas.

He commented: “The MIA would like to offer its support to any Sound Control staff who are in the dreadful situation of needing to find re-employment. The MIA has always kept a database of people wishing to find new employment in the industry. CVs are frequently sent to me and I liaise with companies that are looking for new staff. This totally impartial service is offered to people with the only aim being to keep skilled and experienced people in the industry and working. The MIA wishes to offer this service to any affected Sound Control staff and to let every company in the industry know that we will have a collated database that they can enquire about, accordingly.”

This website will keep you updated as and when news comes in.

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