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Sonuus adds accessory lines

Ronnie Dungan
Sonuus adds accessory lines

A number of new accessory lines have been added to the Sonuus line-up, including new iPod app add-ons.

Buznut string dampeners are strips that slide onto a guitar under the strings to dampen open strings, preventing accidental or excess string ringing. This results in a cleaner sound from the guitar.

Players can quickly switch from normal to damped just by sliding the strip along the strings. Buznuts  retail at around £9.95 for a pair.

The i-ROCK from SIMSAudio enables a guitar to be plugged into aniPhone, iPad or iPod touch. i-ROCK features a high-impedance, low-noise FET-based pre-amp for high sound quality and low-power consumption, and features an exclusive ground-loop prevention design.
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It works with guitar bass, and has a headphone output for monitoring. If you want to use a microphone instead, the i-ROCK Vocal is also available and is optimised for dynamic microphones. Retail price is around £18.99.

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