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Sontronics launches dedicated mics

Sontronics launches dedicated mics

Six years after Sontronics was founded, the British mic brand has moved further into application-specific miking with the release of three condenser microphones designed specifically for drums: the DM-1T, DM-1S and DM-1B.

The DM-1T and DM-1S are small-diaphragm pencil-style condensers designed to work on toms (DM-1T) and snares (DM-1S). With a cardioid polar pattern and switchable -15dB pad, the characteristics of each mic have been tailored to pick up specific nuances from different drums. Each mic comes with a metal drum mount and mic clip.

The DM-1B is a large-diaphragm, end-fire condenser mic that can cope with up to 150dB (with the -15dB pad switched in) and comes in an aluminium flightcase. DM-1B is designed specifically for kick drum but also gives impressive results on bass instruments and bass guitar cabinets.
Designed from scratch by Sontronics founder and MD, Trevor Coley, these new mics are the result of over two years of development and field testing.

“Many of our existing mics work brilliantly on drums,” said Coley, “but I felt that it was about time we made some dedicated mics for drummers and percussionists. I spent a long time researching how each component of a drum kit responded when struck – kick beater attack, kick thump, snare rattle, resonance, boominess and so on – and optimised each mic’s frequency response to deliver a great result with little or no eq.
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“The first prototypes were tested by various session drummers and producers,” he continued. “These included producer Flood (U2, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys) at Battery Studios, who discovered that DM-1B also gives great results on bass guitar cabs.”

The DM-1T, DM-1S and DM-1B are all covered by Sontronics’ lifetime warranty and come with a free download of Toontrack’s EZ Drummer Lite. All three mics are available for pre-order now and will be in the shops late February.

DM-1T and DM-1S will each cost around £119.99 and the DM-1B will cost £299.99.

Tech specs for each mic can be found on their respective product pages at Time+Space, Sontronics' distributor's website here or on the Sontronics website here.

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