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Sonuus company profile

Jory Mackay
Sonuus company profile

James Clark explains how a focus on innovation has seen this young firm’s reputation grow steadily in recent times…

Year Established: 2009.

Number of employees:  Three.

How is business compared to this time last year?
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It’s certainly been a tough market in the last year, but we’ve seen increased interest over the last few months, which is most likely a result of our new product – the Wahoo – raising our profile to new customers. Pre-orders for the Wahoo have been good, which suggests that there is a strong market for innovative products that are good value, rather than being purely driven by the lowest price.

What are your best selling products and why do they perform so well?

Currently it’s the i2M musicport. It’s a totally unique product that lets musicians do something new. We know several artists who use it for writing on the road – an i2M musicport and an iPad make a great lightweight travelling studio. Online retailers love it because it’s very small, so postage costs are low.

What are your main strengths?

High quality customer support, great engineering with exceptional attention to detail in everything we do and unique products with a growing, loyal customer base.

You design all your products in the UK. Do you see this as an advantage? Why?

We design all our products in the UK, but manufacture in China. We’ve been fortunate to find a manufacturer that has the same devotion to quality control as we do. By designing in the UK, we have access to many highly skilled engineers, whom we have worked with over the years. It also ensures we can protect our IP – some key components are sourced in the UK to ensure this protection.

How do you maintain a good relationship with retailers? We don’t currently have many direct links to retailers because sales have been through distributors. However, for those retailers we do deal with, we provide good support to help them understand our products, which we think is essential when you have unique products.

What are your aims for the next 12 months? To grow our presence within UK and European retailers, particularly with our new Wahoo product, which is more suited to a typical guitar store setting than some of our other products. Also, to expand our distribution in other countries and launch new products that we have in the pipeline.



Address: 89 St Neots Road, Eaton Ford, St Neots, PE19 7AL

Phone: 01480 477367



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