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Sennheiser UK improves customer support

Sennheiser UK improves customer support

Sennheiser UK has made improvements to its service department, including the launch of an online spares ordering function for its professional audio division and new additions to its workshop, aimed at further upgrading levels of customer support.

“Our emphasis is always on serving the end customer and improving the support we give to them,” explained Tim Sherratt, Sennheiser UK’s engineering and technical services manager. “Initially, the online spares ordering section
will serve three product areas: MKH wired microphones, Evolution wireless and Pro Audio headphones. We will be adding more items and information as we progress this part of the site. We have also introduced a new online service and support centre, which features an FAQ section, online booking of equipment for repair, access to software downloads, user manuals and a wealth of other information. Access to this section can be found at the top of the Sennheiser UK home page.”

Additional developments have been made in Sennheiser UK’s workshop. “We have new triage areas which allow repairs to be processed much faster,” continued Sherratt. “All units for repair go through a pre-check. On the day the unit is received a short functional check is done, all non-defective units are returned to the customer the same day, and any simple and quick repairs can be carried at this time and will also be returned to the customer the same day.

“On top of this, we have committed major investment to the installation of a new acoustic chamber, which expands our capability for repair and test of all electroacoutstic products.”
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Finally, two members of the service department team, Rob Sales and Joe Mahoney, have finished their apprentice training and are now qualified service engineers.

“Rob joined the service team in May 2008, having previously worked in the warehouse, while Joe Mahoney joined us in July 2008 directly from ATG’s apprentice training centre,” said Sam Davison, the service team leader. “Both started as service engineer apprentices and through regular days at college, work-based assessment and in-house training, they achieved their qualification of advanced apprenticeship, which included NVQ level 3 in engineering and the BTEC National Certificate in Engineering.”

Sales and Mahoney are now helping service all equipment distributed by Sennheiser, including its third-party brands and perform the 'triage' assessment of all equipment coming in for repair, which allows around 45 per cent of all items to be repaired and returned on the day they are received.

Customers can contact the Sennheiser spares departments at the following websites and phone numbers.

New Pro Spares Website: 01494 551592

Consumer Spares Contacts: 020 8942 9124 or 01727 826729

Third Party Brands (DAS, K-array, Rane, Apart, Rycote, K&M): 01494 551551

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