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SCV takes on iRiffPort

SCV takes on iRiffPort

SCV London has been appointed the UK distributor for iRiffPort, an interface that turns an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a guitar amp and effects processor.

Manufactured by Californian company Pocketlabworks, iRiffPort is a digital I/O and low noise preamp designed for electric guitar and bass with a sample rate of up to 48 kHz and a dynamic range of 20Hz to 20 kHz. It features an integrated six-foot cable with, at one end, a recessed 30-pin dock connector and 3.5mm stereo line level output. At the other end is a ¼” Instrument jack and 3.5mm stereo headphones output.It is fully compatible with Pocketlabworks' apps, including PocketAmp (for guitarists) and PocketGK (for bassists), which provide amps and effects and it allows the user to play along with any song in their iTunes library. It is also compatible with Garageband, AmpKit, GuitarTone, JamUp, Taylor Guitar app, Studio Devil Guitar Amp, Jammit, iShred Live and Rock Prodigy.
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iRiffPort has an RRP of £85.

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