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Schools Minister rejects calls to boost UK music hub funding

Laura  Barnes
Schools Minister rejects calls to boost UK music hub funding

Schools Minister Nick Gibb has rejected the calls to boost funding for the UK’s music hubs that help disadvantaged children have instrument lessons.

Following a Department for Education (DfE) review of England’s network of 121 music hubs, Gibbs stated that there will be no changes to either the role or funding formula for music education hubs until at least 2020.

According to, in a letter to Arts Council England chief Darren Henley, Gibb said that although hubs were intended to serve the needs of disadvantaged pupils, evidence shows that “fewer disadvantaged pupils have instrumental lessons or take part in musical ensembles”.

"Social mobility is a key priority for the Government, and so we are looking at all our programmes to see how we can ensure they serve the needs of disadvantaged pupils and those from ordinary working families,” said the minister.
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He has rejected any changes to the funding formula of music hubs, and no additional money will be available to support the program, which will be a disappointment to those especially in rural areas that feel more funding is need to properly execute the hubs.

“No funding formula is perfect. The current formula is based on each hub’s share of the pupil population, with extra weighting given to the number of disadvantaged pupils in each area. We have concluded that we should retain the formula until 2020,” said Gibbs.

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