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Royalty free sample platform Noiiz goes live

Laura  Barnes
Royalty free sample platform Noiiz goes live

A new cloud-based subscription platform called Noiiz has gone live, offering up ‘all you can eat’ royalty free samples.

Last month, Noiiz revealed that it would offer subscribers unlimited access to a vast library of royalty free samples worth over $10k from providers including Samplephonics, plus a cloud connected plugin that allows them to audition sounds on Noiiz right from within their music project.

The platform claims to be the world’s first to offer musicians unlimited downloads from an extensive library of royalty free samples through a cloud-connected plugin; adopting a similar 'all you can eat' model championed by the likes of Netflix and Spotify.

The site is now live, and Noiiz has drastically reduced its pricing for the occasion, with an Unlimited Yearly plan now available for $99 per year (down from $199) and a 1GB Monthly plan for $9.99 per month (down from $39.99).
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“Noiiz aim to bring tools previously only affordable for high earning film composers and Billboard chart producers into the hands of all music makers, not just the few and therefore moving closer to a more democratised music creation process,” said the platform.

Noiiz offers a brand new synth presets section, which let's users download presets for software synths like Massive and Sylenth, with more content due to be added soon.

Noiiz has hinted at more new types of content beyond samples and presets, new creators/content developers, new plugins and new industry partnerships. More details are set to be announced soon.

Head over to for more information.

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