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ROLI users to get free Instant Delay thanks to Plugin Alliance promotion

Laura  Barnes
ROLI users to get free Instant Delay thanks to Plugin Alliance promotion

In a six-month promotion running until November 25th, Instant Delay is free for ROLI BLOCKS thanks to a promotion partnership between Plugin Alliance and ROLI.

Plugin Alliance’s promotion partnership with London’s ROLI sees its partner, Unfiltered Audio, being the first plugin developer to fully embrace ROLI’s innovative modular music-making gadgets with its recently released Instant Delay echo effects plugin.

Instant Delay is free for ROLI BLOCKS users during the first six months after its May 25th release, during which time Plugin Alliance will also provide an upgrade path for all Instant Delay license holders to Sandman Pro for $29.

Once a new ROLI product has been registered, the user will be issued with a voucher code for redemption at
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“ROLI is a true innovator in our industry, so we were really excited to be able to partner them up with arguably our most innovative Alliance member, Unfiltered Audio,” said Plugin Alliance CEO Matt Ward.

“Neither company is satisfied with redoing what’s already been done; rather, they strive for new ways to create music and sounds. We can’t wait to see what the world’s creative community will come up with by combining BLOCKS and Instant Delay.”

ROLI’s senior director of developer products and partnerships, Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut, added: “We are delighted to partner with Plugin Alliance and Unfiltered Audio on the release of the new Instant Delay and updated Sandman Pro. Their integration with BLOCKS shows both the cutting-edge quality of their plugin designs as well as the exciting potential of BLOCKS as an open platform for app development.”

Unfiltered Audio’s Dr. Michael Hetrick concurred: “When ROLI announced the Lightpad Block, we were blown away. The combination of portability and flexibility excited us so much that we reached out to ROLI with our design ideas. We think our performance-based modulation system demonstrates a future of plugins as real-time instruments – not just point-and-click studio tools. We cannot wait to hear what our users make with this creative combo!”

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