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Roland dealers given digital piano lowdown

Ronnie Dungan
Roland dealers given digital piano lowdown

Roland showcased its new digital piano range to 75 dealers at a presentation day in Walsall, yesterday.

The day, at the Wisemore Campus at Walsall College, saw retailers given a run-through and demonstration of the firm's latest digital models and also information on Roland's new iRoland dealer website, which offers additional sales training and information for retailers, as well as the facility to earn redeemable loyalty points by completing the various video training modules on the site, as well as through sales.

Unveiled for the first time to UK dealers was the new high-end LX 15 with its SuperNATURAL Piano engine with Soundboard Behavior, an innovative multi-dimensional Acoustic Projection sound system, a premium PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard, and Progressive Damper-Action Pedal. Other features include:

  • Innovative Acoustic Projection system delivers natural, multi-dimensional sound
  • SuperNATURAL Piano with Soundboard Behavior for organic sound and expression
  • Expanded piano selection, including modern grand pianos, fortepianos, and harpsichords
  • Graceful, classical cabinet design
  • PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement
  • Progressive Damper-Action Pedal
  • Audio recording capability (USB memory required)
  • Environment friendly; low power consumption and Auto Off function

The new HP500-series pianos, featuring Acoustic Projection, are inspired by the flagship V-Piano Grand and its ability to reproduce the natural sound field of an acoustic piano. Other features include:
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  • Natural, organic multi-dimensional sound field of an acoustic piano produced by Acoustic Projection technology (HP505/507)
  • SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine with seamless tonal changes according to touch, plus beautiful decay and faithful reproduction of the differences in tone between each key
  • PHA III (Progressive Hammer Action III) Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement (HP505/507) and Progressive Damper Action Pedal
  • Play classical piano masterpieces using the authentic sounds (such as true fortepiano) they were written for
  • Elegant and bold design; HP500-series pianos are perfect for traditional or contemporary interiors
  • Onboard LCD offers user-friendly operation with straightforward front-panel layout
  • Energy-saving technology achieves powerful and dynamic sound with lower power consumption

The RP301R is designed as an affordable and fun piano with authentic sounds, touch, and play-along rhythm accompaniment.  It features:

  • 60 built-in rhythm accompaniments enrich your piano performance
  • Newly developed full-keyboard chord recognition engine
  • Three versatile playing modes: Pianist, Split Chord, and Split Tone
  • Perfect sound through SuperNATURAL piano technology
  • Authentic piano touch and feel with Ivory Feel-G keyboard
  • Rhythm accompaniment can be expanded through USB memory
  • Built-in LCD enhances the user-friendly operation
  • Envirornment-concious design with Auto Off function and low power consumption (12 W* under the condition of average use without compromising its powerful sound)

A full report on the day will feature in the April issue of MI Pro.

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