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Rockschool diverts funding to support grassroot activities

Jory Mackay
Rockschool diverts funding to support grassroot activities

Rockschool, the world’s top provider of rock and pop music exams, has decided to divert funds previously paid to charity Music for Youth (MfY) and invest directly in grassroots activity.

After three years of supporting the national music education charity, Rockschool plans to take the funds and pursue the direct support of music teachers and students. Rockschool will be announcing a series of initiatives over the coming months that will provide even greater opportunities for people who want to learn more about rock and pop music.

"We are hugely proud of the achievements we have made working with MfY over the last three years," said Norton York, chairman of Rockschool. "We really feel that we have significantly helped them reach their goals of engaging and inspiring hundreds of young pop musicians, supporting them in opening doors for these you people to gain valuable live performance experience and aided them in delivering up to seventy five regional music festivals including the National Festival in Birmingham and the Schools Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. By working together I am confident that Rockschool and MfY have given a large number of young people the confidence they need to take their music to the next level and raised the profile of rock and pop music in their activities."

For more information, visit the Rockschool site here.
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