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Rock legends support Learn to Play Day

Rock legends support Learn to Play Day

National Learn to Play Day on March 31st 2012 is being supported by some of the UK’s top rock stars, Music for All has announced.

With over 60 music shops participating nationwide, Music for All can confirm that Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice (pictured) will be calling in to Drumwright in Reading to lend a hand. Elsewhere, Whitesnake’s guitarist Doug Aldrich, drummer Brian Tichy and bassist Michael Devin will be helping out at Sheehan’s in Leicester. Commenting on the day, Ian Paice said: "Being given the gift of being able to create music is an incredible thing and most people don’t allow themselves this pleasure. That’s a shame. Try it, you could just make your life a whole lot more fun."
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There are a great number of other events being planned all over the country, including a special piano extravaganza by Markson Pianos at Foyle’s in Charing Cross Road, London. Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason added: “Learning an instrument isn't about becoming a star anymore than learning to swim means you want to become a haddock. It makes friends, teaches you the real advantages of working with other people to achieve a common goal and provides an enormous sense of sheer pleasure when almost any music is produced. I’ve been doing it for over forty years and still love it.”More music shops throughout the UK are joining in every day. To find out who's on board so far, visit

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