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Robbie Williams' guitarist joins Vintage roster

Robbie Williams' guitarist joins Vintage roster

Top session guitarist Neil Taylor is the latest professional player to switch to Vintage guitars.

Taylor, who has played live and in the studio with Robbie Williams for the past ten years, has also worked with the likes of Morrissey, Rod Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Natalie Imbruglia, Van Morrison, The Pretenders, Tina Turner, Trevor Horn, Tears For Fears and James Morrison.He has now gone with the V52MRBS from the popular 'pre-distressed' Vintage ICON range and VEC1900N 'Sweetwater' series acoustic for his upcoming sessions and solo tour.
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"My Vintage V52 is one of the best electric guitars I've played and I can't put it down – a friend of mine had one and after I had a quick play on it I just knew I had to get one.  "I knew I was going to need a good workhorse guitar that can take the rigours of travel around the world for the acoustic album – but at the same time it needs to perform to the highest standard. The Vintage VEC1900N has a great, even top end and is a joy to play."John Hornby Skewes & Co is the UK distributor for Vintage.

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