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REVIEW: Spector Legend 5 Neck-Thru bass

REVIEW: Spector Legend 5 Neck-Thru bass

The time has finally arrived for me to review the backbone of any respectable band, the bass guitar.

This particular review will be dedicated to the Spector Legend 5 Neck-Thru bass, which is a bit of a notable beast within this beasty cluster of beastly basses.

This Spector comes with 5 strings, to give you that extra low range to play around with and is fitted with two Aguilar DCB humbucker pickups, which should make for some good low range playing. The tone is controlled with four variable dials, a Bridge pickup volume, neck pickup volume, treble boost/cut and a bass boost/cut.

The bass comes in a walnut stain finish with a Rosewood fret board. It is nice and easy to play with, which is especially gratifying considering the extra width of next required to accommodate the additional 5th string.
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The bass itself is a pretty heavy unit, but the weight is mostly in the solid body leaving a nice balanced instrument to use whilst standing up.

Now the looks of a guitar are entirely subjective and therefore not really part of a review, but perhaps I can convey some extra details that the photos don’t get across. The walnut stain finish looks like a mixture between an old oak wardrobe and an acorn. Carved from solid maple the body both looks and feels like a big lump of wood. Paired with the neck-thru body design you get amazing levels of sustain.

The shape of the body is fairly free flowing; it puts me in mind of an upside down Dali painting. The proportions of the bass look pretty good, despite being a 5 string bass. It doesn’t suffer from the typical fat neck syndrome that some of these basses have.

The sound is really good whichever end of the fret board you are focusing on. The higher notes have a nice clear distinct sound to them, whilst the low end manages to avoid the occasional pitfalls of distortion and flatness that can sometimes surprise you. The marketing and claims of this bass speak of a high-end, high quality instrument and fortunately the experience doesn’t disappoint.

The four variable controls give you enough to play with in order to attain your desired sound, which are all overlaid with the general nice warm tone that this bass puts out – I found it especially satisfying on lower end playing.

Playing something on this bass gives anything a little extra and richness that may not otherwise have been there.

If you are in the market for a 5-string bass this could well be the one to go for. If you would like a wood bass this should be the wood bass that would be a good choice.

The Spector Bass Legend 5 Neck-Thru is available now from Barnes & Mullins.

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