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REVIEW: Promark Matt Halpern signature drumsticks

Laura  Barnes
REVIEW: Promark Matt Halpern signature drumsticks

Drummers can get very picky about the equipment they use, especially drumsticks. The search for the right stick can be a long one, and it appears Matt Halpern knows this all too well.

When Promark by D’Addario unveiled the Matt Halpern Signature Stick, the Periphery drummer explained a bit about why the drumsticks ended up being the size they are.

“I've always loved the weight of a 2B but have never had the perfect balance to execute my style of playing with power, speed and precision. With my stick I now have the weight of a 2B, but with just the right balance and taper with a tip that creates a perfectly robust, well-rounded sound,” he said.

The drumsticks come in at a standard 16-inch length and .630-inch diameter. Although 2B in size this sticks are designed to play like a pair of 5Bs.
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As someone who has typically used much lighter sticks, usually 7As, I figured the Matt Halpern signature stick would be a pretty good place to start getting out of my comfort zone and see if bigger really is better.

And boy, are they big. At first it felt like they would be impossible to drag around a kit, but after awhile I started to feel the benefits of the short taper and large round tip. The sticks are really well-balanced and have a front weighted feel, which is imperative with a 2B-sized drumstick if you want to do anything speedy.

Halpern and Promark explained that the taper and tip “optimise power and speed while producing full and robust tones from the drums and cymbals”.

I can see where they’re coming from – these sticks are certainly for heavy hitters.

While some argue that the lighter the sticks, the fast you can play (me being one of them), you have to admit that as well as breaking sticks more often, you also end up exerting more energy to get a bigger sound out of your drums and cymbals.

After using these sticks for a while, it’s clear to see that all that extra effort put into getting a big sound is reduced when welding thicker and heavier sticks. This extra weight also helps to keep each note struck bold and crisp, with your whole kit sounding solid regardless of your gripping technique.

Made of solid hickory, these signature sticks can take quite a beating and are ideal for heavy hitters playing rock, metal, punk and beyond.

While Halpern certainly has no trouble flying round the kit with his signature sticks, those used to lighter drumsticks may find they’ll have to invest a bit of time building their speed back up with these 2Bs, but the benefit of being able to ride on the edge of a massive crash cymbal without fear of snapping a stick is worth it.

Those who are already big hitters will really appreciate the balance in these new sticks.

Regardless of what kind of drummer you are, it can’t hurt to have a super sturdy pair of sticks in your gear bag.

Available now from D’Addario, the Matt Halpern Signature Stick has an RRP of £14.10.

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