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REVIEW: Peavey P2 powered line array system

Laura  Barnes
REVIEW: Peavey P2 powered line array system

Peavey has built a strong reputation on producing fantastic sounding PA systems over many years, so it was with much anticipation this summer that the company announced a new addition to its portable powered line array systems, the P2.

Aimed at the solo musician/DJ/band market, the P2’s focus is portability, but not at the expense of sound quality, providing what the company claim as ‘wide audience coverage in a low-profile package’.

Featuring eight 4 inch custom high-frequency drivers and a 12 inch subwoofer and fan-cooled power supply, the P2 also offers a three channel input including a variable mic/line input and vocal boost on Line 1, dual 1/4 inch inputs on Line 2 and dual RCA inputs on Line 3. Onboard DSP offers an optional frequency boost and cut, while an XLR through output completes this systems connectivity.

So, it looks the part - but does it sound it? The P2 is the perfect size and portability for practice rooms, schools and educational facilities, so who better to test the system in a live sound environment than the students of Hertford College of Music in Ware, Hertfordshire?
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MI Pro got in touch with the students at HCM and asked them to give their honest opinions on the system:

“I like the fact that it is bottom-heavy and therefore is a lot less likely to fall and injure a person.”

“Due to it giving less feedback you could easily put it in the middle of a stage at the back. It has a lot of clarity when playing audio and can get to a decently loud volume.”

“Sound quality was very good especially at high volumes, loud enough to fill a medium sized venue.”

“Not really any feedback unless you're literally bashing the mic on the speakers so could be put at the back of the stage to avoid needing two either side of a stage.”

“Could be used at parties, clubs, DJ events, acoustic performances.”

“A built in EQ would be good.”

“The sound quality was very good with a good balance of bass and treble. With two of these speakers and a portable mixer we would be able to do a full gig with the PA.”

“Could be a bit awkward to position as it's tall and a bit of a weird shape but overall it seems like a pretty good PA.”

“I thought that it was excellent quality and easily could be used up for a successful acoustic set.”

“What I didn't like about it was the fact that it didn't have any EQ at all.”

“The appearance of the setup itself was different to what I have seen before which I liked, it could really be used in all types of places, the sound quality was good it had nice bass to it along with the overall sound quality.”

“I like it a lot and think the sound is banging!”

The Peavey P2 provides a practical and portable audio solution for any small to mid-sized venues. Clearly, adding an external mixer to the unit would aid with EQ flexibility, but then that is generally the case with any PA at this price point.

If you’re looking for a ‘get up and go’ PA with a ‘banging’ sound, the P2 is certainly one to consider.

The Peavey P2 is available now from Barnes & Mullins. For more information visit

With special thanks to the students and course tutors at Hertford College of Music –

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