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REVIEW: Peavey 6505 Piranha Micro Head

REVIEW: Peavey 6505 Piranha Micro Head

The new 6505 Piranha Micro Head from Peavey is described as a 'portable and powerful device', following in the footsteps of the popular 6505 MH Mini Head by packing high gain tones into an even smaller 20-watt power amp head.

Good things come in small packages; say short people and naked men in cold temperatures...

I am usually inclined to disagree; I prefer everything bigger, better, bolder and larger than the previous model with more features, more stuff, more buttons, more switches, and more everything. And to me, the name ‘Piranha’ sounded vicious, powerful, most importantly – BIG.

Finding out it was a micro head is not quite what I was expecting.
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It looks the part, it allegedly does the job that an amplifier is supposed to do, but it does it in a micro format. My curiosity was piqued.

When it arrived I immediately plugged in the amp and blew the dust off my guitar ready for an afternoon of fiddling about and trying to think of clever things to say about what I was experiencing. A few hours went by and I hadn’t really thought of anything clever or smart to say, because I was simply having too much fun.

Put plainly, this thing is absolutely brilliant and sounds much bigger and better than its size would lead you to believe.

It’s a bit like putting a cupcake in your mouth and being quite surprised to find that you are suddenly chewing on a three-tiered chocolate treacle victoria Eton-mess sponge brownie cake.

It’s good. Really good. It has two output channels (lead and crunch) and packs a 20-watt output, which is all you will need for recording, practicing at the studio or playing at home.

It has an FX loop, headphone output, tone control and weighs only 2 ½ lbs (or 1.1 kg for those of you who are that way inclined). This is largely thanks to some clever material choices and to its solid-state gain structure.

Peavey have managed to maintain a really nice sound with this amp by somehow fitting a single 12AX7 tube into the mix, which you can see through the lovely devil red illuminated grills on the front and back of the amp.

What Peavey has managed to do is capture the essence of the metal sound of this head’s vastly bigger brothers in a small, compact and cleverly designed micro head. The single tone control lets you change the type of crunch you are going for in a very satisfying manner, but comes into its own when cranked up whilst playing lead. It sounds good, it sounds loud and it sounds big.

Everything I played through this amp sounded better. It was the closest I’ve ever come to witnessing real life alchemy. I tried plugging my girlfriend into it and she slapped me. Many people spend thousands of pounds and go to great lengths to achieve self improvement. I was only trying to save her the hassle and the money.

The only thing that could make this head better would be the inclusion of a foot pedal input, as switching between the crunch and lead mid way through playing is fiddly and not really practical in a live situation.

As I was coming to the end of my time with the amp and I would soon have to give it back, some strange thoughts started to appear in my head.

‘How can I accidentally “lose” this amp head?’, ‘What if I just pretend I never received it, so I don’t have to give it back?’. It was at the point where I was thinking, ‘if I set fire to my house and leave the amp in the car...’ that I realised maybe, just maybe this amp has comfortably earned its place in my audio setup. Maybe I should just buy it.

In conclusion this amp is great. Small size, big noise. The kitten you brought home that ate the kids. If you are in the market for an amp head that you can carry around easily and will give you a taste of the metal sound that Peavey are so well known for, then you should seriously consider picking one of these up.

Would you like to know the icing on the cake? (Of course you do, fatty). The price. This little amp head delivers great value and only comes in at £185.00.

The Peavey 6505 Piranha Micro Head is available from Barnes & Mullins. For more information visit

Don’t think about it, just do it. You can thank me later.

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