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REVIEW: Hidersine Vivente Academy 4/4 Finetune Violin Outfit

REVIEW: Hidersine Vivente Academy 4/4 Finetune Violin Outfit

The Hidersine Company has been manufacturing bowed instruments and producing instrument maintenance and care for well over 100 years, founded in 1890 by Mr Francis Hider, who initially started out by manufacturing Double Bass Rosin from the kitchen of the family home in Forest Gate, London.

A talented Double Bass player, Hider would go on to play at Windsor Castle for Queen Victoria under the conductorship of the celebrated conductor of the time, Henry Wood, growing the company until a series of unfortunate investment issues and the austere times of the 1920s forced Hider to sell the business to Mr Robert Hirt and Charles Robert Bethell.

Hirt and Bethell were businessman based in Croydon who specialised in banjo and drum head vellums along with musical instrument strings, and recognising a good investment, soon took The Hidersine Company onto global success.

In 1987 the company was bought by Barnes & Mullins – the musical instrument manufacturer and distributor founded in 1895 in London by Banjo playing, music hall duo Messrs Bowley Barnes and Albert Mullins.
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With this much heritage and experience, one can only assume that the company knows a thing or two when it comes to manufacturing stringed instruments, so the arrival of the Vivente Academy 4/4 Finetune Outfit makes an interesting addition to the Hidersine Violin portfolio.

Aimed at the student market, the Vivente is full sized and finished in flame maple. Also fitted as standard are Wittner’s fine-tune pegs, making it much easier for younger players to tune the instrument. These pegs are made of a hi-tech composite and a lightweight alloy, so they are easy to handle and offer great longevity. The really great thing about them is that you don’t have to tighten or loosen them to tune the instrument - it is sufficient just to turn the internally-geared head to confidently tune the instrument in a fraction of the usual time taken.

The outfit also includes a Brazilian stick bow, ebony fingerboard and a seasoned maple bridge. It also comes protected in a shock-proof case with detachable straps.

So, an attractive looking instrument. But what would a professional violin teacher make of it?

MI Pro asked the teaching staff at De Rosa Music Hub in Bishops Stortford to put the violin through its paces and come back with their own thoughts and opinions. Here’s what they had to say:

“There’s a consistent sound throughout the range.”

“It has a very nice chin rest, non-slippery surface, and a good shape. It also encourages good body positioning during playing.”

“The neck size was very comfortable and should suit the majority of students well.”

“It comes with a nice case.”

“The violin’s bow is fine for a student instrument.”

“It comes with excellent geared tuning pegs, which help tuning and are very stable. Great improvement on the standard solid wood pegs on most student violins.”

In fact, the only downside reported were the factory fitted strings, which in many cases a student or teacher would change immediately for a set of Dominant, creating a better tone and increasing playability.

The Vivente Academy 4/4 Finetune Outfit is available now from Barnes & Mullins. It has an RRP £260.

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