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REVIEW: Faith Nomad Mini-Saturn Electro acoustic guitar

REVIEW: Faith Nomad Mini-Saturn Electro acoustic guitar

Sweet, sweet joy filled me as I was asked to review the new Faith Nomad Mini-Saturn Electro acoustic guitar.

Please feel free to make yourself comfortable and enjoy this extensive guitar review of my new favourite child.

The guitar itself is quite small, which being a travel guitar is a good thing. It is small to look at, light to lug around and easy to store in small places.

Despite this obvious shrinking of size, the Faith Nomad is deceptively proportioned; despite the fact that the neck of the guitar is of a standard, normal, adult size and the body is compacted, the guitar as a whole doesn’t look like it’s unbalanced. In fact, it looks lovely.
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It comes with an inbuilt electronic tuner, which has proven to be very accurate and easy to understand. The battery to power both this and the pre-amp comes in the form of a 9-volt, which will sit inside the housing near the jack input. Some more inbuilt practicality can be found with the strap button, which sits on the bottom side at the base of the neck. This makes this ‘travel’ guitar perfect for live/busking/pretending you are a rock star in your bedroom situations.

Played as a true acoustic this guitar impresses. Due to the smaller body the sound it produces is slightly quieter than you would get from a standard sized acoustic, but the sound itself has a lovely warm tone to it.

Faith’s guitar is also surprisingly easy to play; the neck is well set up and easy to run your fingers over. The guitar itself is also lovely and solid, which should make for an instrument that you can keep for a long time and will only get better with age.

When plugged in, the guitar doesn’t disappoint either. The sounds pushed through to the amp is a fair representation of what you would expect to hear and the three bar EQ gives you some flexibility and control over what your audience will hear. That is of course should you be lucky enough to ever actually have an audience. If you have managed to solve this little puzzle out for yourself please send all suggestions to me on a postcard. Thanks.

The package also comes with a clever little gig bag, proportioned exactly for the size of this guitar and pocketed to the gills to help carry all those fussy little cables that a travelling muse will need. The big pocket on the front will comfortably house as many cables as you will need and the double straps will make long walks carrying your guitar supremely comfortable.

I am thoroughly impressed with this guitar and would heartily recommend it to anyone that is sick and tired of lugging around a standard size acoustic and all the bits needed to mic up and play the thing.

I also suspect that this would make a great guitar for humans that are still growing; giving them the experience of playing something with a standard size fret board on a body that they can actually hold. They would also then be able to retain it once fully grown, rather than abandoning another transitional instrument to the growing pains pile.

It was during a particular wave of thorough impression that I exclaimed to myself “good things really do come in small packages!” My wife overheard and said: “well, if it makes you feel better”. I’m still not sure what she meant.

The Faith Nomad Saturn Electro Acoustic Guitar comes with an SRP of £459. It is available now from distributor Barnes & Mullins.

Go out and buy one. Actually go out and buy two of them and then give one to me. Thanks in advance.

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