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Jory Mackay
Staff from Nevada music with Dave Hill of Slade

Nevada Music’s retail store manager, Roy Chudobskyi, talks about investing in retail space and supporting the local music community...

How many staff members do you currently employ?

We employ 32 people across sales, administration and warehousing.

What are the top qualities you look for in staff members?
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Enthusiasm, good communications skills, good organisational skills, product knowledge and a desire to do be the best at what they do.

How is business compared to this time last year?

Well we have had to work twice as hard as last year to be on par, but the plus side is we have improved our profit margins in doing so!

What can the average consumer expect when they walk into Nevada Music?

To be blown away with our displays, product range (we currently have over 1,500 guitars on display) and our friendly welcoming smile! We encourage a ‘hands on’ approach with soundproof demo rooms, working displays and a product specialist available in each area.

What are the top-selling brands you carry?

At the moment we are big on Fender, Gibson, Natal, Ludwig, Alto, Wharfedale, Focusrite, M Audio, Schecter, ESP, Roland, Tanglewood, Numark, Vox and of course Marshall.

On your website you say that you’ve “gotten bigger by being better.” What is it that gives you an edge over other retailers?

Even after 43 years in the business we are fiercely competitive and want to be the best at what we do. We want the best displays, demo facilities, product range with a really welcoming atmosphere the moment you step inside the shop. It’s the sort of place a musician looks forward to visiting and spending an hour or two immersed in. We still find the old values work for us, giving excellent customer service with friendly knowledgeable staff. Looking after them if things go wrong and realising that a happy customer is a repeat customer. We have got ourselves immersed into the heart of the local community, especially with schools, where we offer the ‘Nevada Shield’ as an annual prize to the best music student, plus lots of other initiatives.

You recently revamped your website, how important are online sales to your business?

We have invested heavily in our online business over the past five years, but this year realised that we do not want to spend our time being busy fools selling higher volumes for little or no profit. We see the web as an integral part of our bricks and mortar store and so this year have focused on marketing the store more through the website, with excellent results.  We feel a financially viable split for us is 70 per cent store, 30 per cent web.

What are your ambitions for the next year?

To increase the display area in our retail outlet by a further 10 per cent giving us a total of 14,000 sq feet. To find new and innovative ways to market the company. To consolidate our business financially with better budgeting and controls - we still pay most suppliers within 7 days for maximum discounts; this not only increases profits but also ensures the fastest deliveries! To fully integrate our IT systems from shop till, order processing to web site, to give a seamless system, capable of efficient growth.

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