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Retail Profile: DJ Tech Direct

Jory Mackay
Dj Tech Direct

Having been left redundant following the collapse of Hard to Find Ltd, Jamie O’ Callaghan has returned with a new DJ and hi-tech retail enterprise – DJ Tech Direct.

Here, he tells us what it’s all about…

Why did you choose to start DJ Tech Direct? Was it simply a case of filling the gap left behind by Hard to Find?

A mixture of ambition and opportunity. Birmingham is a big city, with a big DJ community. Despite the unfortunate failings of Hard To Find, it was a very successful store, which is a testament to the local market and beyond. Between all three of us at DJ Tech Direct – Alex Field, Owen Taylor and myself – we have everything we needed to take advantage of the unfortunate circumstance of Hard To Find, but also elaborate in our own way.
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Why open two shops in the same location?

We wanted to offer focus to the ever-popular 'core' DJ products, but we couldn't ignore the growing 'tech' side of DJing, and its overlap with music tech. Having a dedicated store for both sides of the market just made sense.

Will you be looking to do more business online or in-store?

Hopefully both! We hope to cater for both as best we can.

You mentioned previously that you plan to “bring something fresh to the scene.” What did you mean by this exactly?

Hard To Find undeservedly had a bad reputation for some things, but I'll also concede, deservedly for others. We want to take what was good about what we've done previously, and leave what was bad. We're also intent on involving the DJ and creative music community that we are surrounded by. We have the chance to involve, without the restraints of a large operation that doesn't have time to embrace the community it serves. We have the advantage of not being 'stuck in our ways', so we'll be dynamic and embracing.

What gives you the edge over other DJ and hi-tech stores?

As above. We're not restricted by a legacy. This is a new project, we can address the market as it is right now and be dynamic to the trends and remain fresh. You aren't 'new' for long, so while we are, we'll make sure we're different.

What sort of response have you had so far from customers and suppliers?

Fantastic support from suppliers who share our ambition and vision for what we do, where we are and where we're going. We can't thank them enough for their support.

Customer's, too. Those who have followed us from HTFR express nothing but positivity towards this 'fresh' store and operation. We've already got 1,000 likes on Facebook, and our subscribers are increasing exponentially, so I think we're being well received thus far

How do you ensure a good level of customer service?

A very personal touch, clear communication, but also very intelligent systems to help us manage every step of a transaction efficiently.

What are your ambitions for the business?

Naturally, we aspire to be as big and as good as we can be, but we're here for the long-term; we're building solid foundations.


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