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Rare musical instruments are a better investment than classic cars or fine art

Laura  Barnes
Rare musical instruments are a better investment than classic cars or fine art

In terms of value, musical instruments outpaced the likes of classic cars and fine art during 2016, according to the latest investment index report from Coutts.

The report revealed that 'objects of desire' assets increased by 1.2% through 2016, and have risen by nearly 77% since the beginning of 2005.

Rare musical instruments took the top spot last year, rising in value by 16.4%. In comparison, Classic cars fell by 10.4%, and fine art by 6%.

The Coutts Index captures the price return in local currency of 14 'objects of desire' assets across the categories of ‘Trophy Property’ and ‘Alternative Investments’.
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Alternative Investments can be further broken down into Fine Art, Collectibles and Precious Items, whereas Trophy Property refers to billionaire property such a primary homes, leisure property, holiday homes, etc.

“In 2016, we have seen the index rise by 1.2% – putting the increase since it started back in 2005 at 76.6%. Rare musical instruments have taken top place in the index this year, rising by 16.4%, while classic cars have seen the largest fall at -10.4%,” explained Coutts managing director Mohammad Kamal Syed.

“Despite this, cars have gained the most across the index categories since 2005, increasing fourfold over the 12 years represented by the data.”

Check out Coutts' 2016 'Objects of Desire' Index stats in more detail here, and get hunting for some rare musical instrument finds in your local MI stores!

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